Air Sense Asia In Kenya

Air Sense Asia In Kenya

Africa Is Within Our Reach

Air Sense Asia has been given an opportunity to explore the air hygiene industry in Kenya.  Through a SustNet Malaysia dialogue with Prof. Israel M. Kodiaga (Regional Director-Africa of Southern Delta International), there is excitement in the air on the prospect of a peer to peer air hygiene program.

Prof. Israel is able to realise the impact of using a peer to peer system that can enhance the health and hygiene of the nation of Kenya.  Through his network in Global Unification International (GUI) and Basic Income (UBI), we sincerely believe that our passion for a healthier and greener earth will be realised.

Through ThinkPlus local office, in Nairobi, Kenya, the SaniGARD program of using the revolutionary concept of probiotic cleaning and sanitisation will be developed.  We are indeed highly appreciative of the untiring efforts of Dr Norsaidatul (Co-Founder of SustNet Malaysia) for her relentless energy is taking us to a another playing field in our business.

Air Sense Asia SaniGARD air hygiene and sanitisation is an entrepreneurship program that can be simulated anywhere in the world, especially in developing countries.  Our primary goal of this program is to mobilise nations through the local population to elevate the standard of health and hygiene and lowering medical cost personally, corporate and national.

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