Chrisal Probiotics

Chrisal Probiotics

The Future In Probiotics Surface & Air Cleansing

Chrisal Probiotic has one primary purpose – to create a healthy living environment for people, animals and nature by combating bacterial resistance without using disinfectants.

It’s time to relook your hygiene and sanitisation protocols with the use of probiotics as the alternative cleaning and sanitisation solution.  Chrisal Probiotic presents a complete range of products for all industries – healthcare, animals, water, air and industrial.

We advocate the use of probiotic as a primary components in our air and surface hygiene projects.  By using probiotic, we are able to meet various UNDP Sustainable Development Goals :

  1. Good Health And Well-Being.
  2. Quality Education.
  3. Decent Work And Economic Growth.
  4. Sustainable Cities And Communities.
  5. Responsible Consumption And Production.
  6. Life Below Water.
  7. Life On Land.

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