GermsAway Air Sterilizer

GermsAway Air Sterilizer

Protect Your Rooms Today!

Many of our homes and offices are being challenged with airborne bacterial and viruses threats today.  With the current Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no longer an alternative when it comes to protecting our loved ones and friends as well as working staff.

Our latest state-of-the-art GA35 and GA16 Air Sterilizers are simple to use and very affordable.

The GA35 Air Sterilizer is a great mobile air sterilising unit that you can practically take everywhere with you – in your home, at office and even when you are on the move in hotels.

The GA16 Air Sterilizer unit is for those of us who prefer to have the air sterilising permanently installed in the room or office.  It just need to be installed slightly below the ceiling and it does it’s job to sterilise the air in the room.

Air Sense Asia is a reliable distributor of the GermsAway Air Sterilizers.

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