Nano SaniGARD Protocol

Public awareness of the need for effective prevention against biological hazards like mould, bacteria and allergens is at an all-time high. Numerous scientific studies have linked toxic mould to neurological conditions like autism and people are on high alert to ensure the safety of their patients, workers, students and guests. A public outbreak and illness can wreak havoc on a brand and cause millions of dollars in liabilities and lawsuits. A conducive and well planned Air Hygiene Solution Protocol (Disinfection & Sanitisation) can eliminate mould and bacteria on contact while also providing residual, long-lasting protection after application.

We developed the Air Sense cleaning protocol that eliminates mould growth, bacteria and odours with the most effective hospital-grade disinfectant on the market and a one-of-a-kind surface coating that delivers long-lasting protection from any of these problems appearing again. Our cleaning protocol using the state-of-the-art products and equipment doesn’t just create a sanitary environment – it keeps it that way – giving people peace of mind that their spaces are clean and safe. The Air Sense protocol also delivers complete elimination of biological odours from both indoor and outdoor spaces, rendering dwellings that were once ruined by odour, safe and usable once again.

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  • Kills 99.99% microbial and 99.99% Coronavirus, Influenza A virus, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), MRSA, etc.
  • Sterilizing and Sanitizing Effect – 24/7 non-stop killing of bacteria and virus for as long as one year.

  • Air Purifying – by effectively removing of VOCs.

  • Deodorizing Effect – removing foul smells that are caused by food and bacteria.

  • NanoG is in a form of liquid solution. Once coated on a surface, it has the effect of disinfection, antibacterial and deodorizing. It can effectively improve the air quality in the room for healthier living.
  • The application of NanoG is simple. Clean the surface before treatment. After coating, give it 30 minutes and the surfaces are clean from all micro-organisms. The effect can last up to one year.
  • The main ingredients of NanoG are Nano Silver, Photo-Catalyst (Brookite Titanium Dioxide) with a specially formulated binder. The liquids are also injected with resonance energy to increase it’s effectiveness. This resonance energy is harmless to human body.
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