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GermsAway Air Sterilizer

Protect Your Rooms Today! Many of our homes and offices are being challenged with airborne bacterial and viruses threats today.  With the current Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no longer an alternative when it comes to protecting our loved ones and friends as well as working staff. Our latest state-of-the-art GA35 and GA16 Air Sterilizers are simple.

Nano SaniGARD Services

Sensationalise Your Surface & Air Hygiene Today Air Sense Asia proprietary Nano SaniGARD Protocol brings you a new sensation into your Air Hygiene today. With the numerous surface-borne and airborne microbial attacks that are happening globally, there is the need to put into place a conducive environmental hygiene protocol.   No country is spared whenever.

Air Sense Asia In Kenya

Africa Is Within Our Reach Air Sense Asia has been given an opportunity to explore the air hygiene industry in Kenya.  Through a SustNet Malaysia dialogue with Prof. Israel M. Kodiaga (Regional Director-Africa of Southern Delta International), there is excitement in the air on the prospect of a peer to peer air hygiene program. Prof..

Air Sense Asia

Welcome to Air Sense Asia Air Sense Asia is Malaysia’s next level in innovative indoor air quality solutions and services.  Our passion in Air Hygiene to our business has allowed us to engage with our clients, understanding their needs and bringing the best solutions.  With the past 10 years of being in the business, since.